A New Beginning

Welcome to my website and my first blog. I’m excited to be stepping out of my comfort zone into the world of self-employment to pursue my interest in coaching.

People are at the heart of any organisation and the way that people are managed directly impacts how they feel, how they experience work and how they perform. Good management is therefore critical to the wellbeing of individuals and to the success of any organisation.

I am convinced that coaching is the most powerful and effective way to help people reach their potential, and that its impact is multiplied when applied to managers because their performance affects their teams as well.

That’s why I started Windhover Management Coaching.

I will use these blogs to share my thinking and learning along with news about Windhover Management Coaching. I’m also planning to do a series of blogs covering my favourite management books, and ideas that have influenced me, which I hope you will enjoy and find helpful.

Watch this space and, if you want to be notified of new blog posts, please follow me on LinkedIn or contact me through this website.